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I just joined this community, and am looking for people to play with. so, do any of you reside in the Berkeley (CA) area? if so, would anyone be interested in hitting some balls with me?

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Hi everyone !

Several days ago I opened first internet Museum Of Tennis Fame - there are different interesting things - for example the last ball that Acasuso hit in the final of the Davis Cup 2006 in match against Marat Safin, or Safin's towel.. and etc. I have a lot of such interesting things and think that they could be interesting for english-speaking people . If someone can help me in organizing english version of my Museum for examle with advertisind and PR-making in internet , we could do a great thing )
so - mail me tm@playtennis.ru
or in icq #194730891
but better by e-mail.

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I just started playing tennis again after a long hiatus. I was supposedly quite good for my age back in the day.

I migrated my grip to a full western when I was about 12 and my coach at the time fought me tooth and nail and told me that it basically didn't exist. So he tried to get me back to a semi western, nothing doing, I immediately hit everything long or had to puff it back flat with no pace losing the MASSIVE topspin I had going on both forehand and backhand. I had managed a pretty mean slice with it too. Eventually I quit lessons with him and continued on thinking I had a weird horrible grip that would keep me permanently from improving, but I couldn't switch it. It was difficult because I had been trained as a serve and volleyer, which the western grip SUCKS for since you ahve to flip the grip as soon as you're at the net, but I managed to do it and have a weird habit of spinning my racquet after every shot.

Anyways this long winded background has led to this, I've started playing again, still with the western grip, and all was going well I was rusty as hell but was regaining some of my pace and fitness I had previously, suddenly the ulnar side of my wrist starting to ache, I tried to play through it thinking it was a bit of strain (everything seemed to be aching) from going from nothing to twice a day tennis, it stayed the same but I iced it and it held out, it's gotten steadily worse, so I of course realized a) no tennis for me until it's better but I can try to get back to the western b) i change to at least a semi western. But I am getting too frustrated with the semi western and keep sneaking back into western which leads to increasing pain till it's so throbby I ahve to stop aplying, it feels better the nexy day and off I go with the ole semi western intent which I always sneak back to western.

Anyone else hit wit ha western and ahve wrist problems? Do tehy go away? Do you jsut have to rest it and work on strengthening your wrist? I am so frustrated. I love this grip, I've really made it work for me and it feels like square one without it, I'm nothing without my grip!!!!

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I go to a camp over the summer where I play tennis a lot. I'm not a tennis player persay, but i have a lot of fun doing it. there's a court in my neighborhood, and i wanted to practice a little before i go to camp this summer. since i'm not a player, i dont want to spend 100+ dollars on a racket, so i was going to go to a secondhand store and purchase one. i've heard i should look for a heavy but head-light racket. is there anything i should avoid when i see it or any tips you can give me as to buying a good secondhand racket?

hi and a question

hi guys! been reading this lj and there are a lot of great tips. i just joined, hopefully to be a part of this great support group :)

question: my coach recommended Hydroxycut for me. Does anybody else take this? If yes, does it help improve your game or not?

thanks in advance! (also asked this question in the sportschicks community)